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The Official Arduino Thread

- - - - - arduino sketches programming uno electronics hardware

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I made this thread because I know there are a few Arduino users/programmers/builders on these boards and I thought it would be nice for us to have a place to collaborate and share ideas. If you come up with a new project that you need a hand with, this is the place to post. If you find a neat arduino-related link that you want to share, share it here. If you just want to know that there are others bashing their heads against the same problems as you, this is your place to be.

A bit about myself and my background:

First off, I will be ordering my Uno later this week, which will be my first Arduino board. I have been tinkering with electronics for as long as I can remember, and am currently about halfway through building my own analog synth. I like to cannibalize broken electronics for parts, and have built a thing or two as well. My dad and I would work together on electronics kits you could buy years ago from radioshak, and I learned to solder components before I turned 10. Clearly the hardware side isn't intimidating to me. My biggest weakness will be the programming... I have extremely limited programming experience in C#, C++, and Visual Basic. (Like, Hello World... maybe returning Hello World after a button press or some basic logic statement returns true...) I look forward to playing around with it, and will keep ya posted with what I come up with (and rest assured, I WILL be here asking for coding advice lol)

P.S. As I mentioned before, I will be ordering my Uno later this week. I have a budget of around $100, so that leaves plenty of room for accessories... I know I will be picking up a protoboard and jumpers, some .1" headers, more solder, etc.. but was wondering if there was anyting else anyone suggested getting right off the bat to get started.

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