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#60386 The Official 'When are storylines returning to CAD' Thread

Posted by Tim on 23 July 2013 - 06:26 AM

I promised to make a thread to update you on this, and frankly some sort of sticky of this nature is overdue. Naturally there are people curious about this, so I want the information easy to find.

Are Ethan and Lucas and the gang returning to the comic?

Yes, that is absolutely still the plan. They will be coming back.

When will that happen?

I had intended for the new stories to begin in the spring, but obviously this didn't happen. I currently do not have a solid ETA. As soon as I do, I will announce it.

What are the reasons for the delay?

When I ended the Ethan storyline last fall, I had a plan for bringing them back. I expected to take a few months to focus on one-shots and begin writing the scripts for the new stories. However as they say, no plan survives contact, and 2013 did not end up going how I thought it would.

There is no one specific cause for the delay, but rather a collection of different things have put me behind schedule. In January, as many of you may have read via the front page, we almost lost our dog Simon due to a collapsing trachea. And then a few months later, on my birthday no less, he did in fact pass away. It leveled my wife and I. We knew we were going to lose him at some point due to his disease, but nothing was ever going to prepare us for it to actually happen.

After the surgery in January, I was spending a lot of my time looking after him and, really, just making the most of my time with him. I knew after the close call that we were on borrowed time. Unfortunately I was right. After he passed away, there were a few weeks where it was all I could do just to sit down and write the weekly comics, never mind work on anything else.

And then, almost immediately after losing Simon, my wife and I found out that we were expecting our first child. We were at both ends of the emotional spectrum for a while, incredibly excited about starting our family, but still devastated over having lost our friend.

So then, with my wife in her first trimester and everything that goes with it (fatigue, nausea, weird appetite, etc), my attention was focused on trying to help her out in any way I could. The bottom line is, some of the time I would have used to write, I used to focus on family stuff instead. So I didn't get as far along with the scripts as I expected to be by certain dates.

However, that's not to say that personal matters are the only reason for the delays, or that no progress has been made on the reboot in the interim. Quite the opposite, in fact. I have the first script finished, and an outline for the second and third "issue".

In the process though, some questions on the matter of format and sustainability arose that I needed an answer to. And so it seemed prudent to do a "trial run" to test out some of the answers I came up with. I wanted to get feedback on the format I was planning before I made any sort of commitments to it with the Ethan and Lucas reboot.

So I put the reboot on pause and set about writing a story featuring the Players, from an in-character perspective as their tabletop RPG counterparts. A fantasy story. I decided that this would not only let readers get to the know the Players on a more personal level, but it would allow me to test the waters with this storytelling format I'm hoping to use for the Ethan and Lucas reboot. Get feedback on it, and tweak and improve it before committing to it.

And that's where I currently stand. I'm putting the finishing touches on a Players story arc which I hope to launch in early August. After I see how that does, I will resume work on the reboot. My goal to finish and release two issues of the new Ethan and Lucas stories between now and the end of the year.
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#94 The Anime and Manga Thread

Posted by Dace on 08 November 2012 - 06:10 AM

Since I feel we need this thread to be back, I brought it back. It's exactly what the thread title suggests it is.

Current Season:



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#21094 There should be no gay marriage because they can't have unplanned children.

Posted by Scythe on 28 January 2013 - 10:06 PM

I would argue that any offspring produced through homosexual relations would most certainly be unplanned and unintended.

Seriously though there are so many issues with this logic, I don't even
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#6657 The Rules for GD

Posted by Golden Helmet on 27 November 2012 - 07:59 PM

The Rules: Follow Them or Die

#1: Common Decency is the basic law of the land. This means no excessive flaming, carrying on petty vendettas, cross-forum/website drama, trolling, or any other childish behavior Exactly what constitutes a violation will be judged on a case-by-case basis, but if "Common Decency" is a tough concept for you to grasp, you aren't welcome here.

#2: "Official" threads can only be created by moderators / admins, unless prior permission is granted. Any unauthorized "Official" threads will be locked and/or deleted.

#3: No homework threads / posts. We're not going to do your research for you.

#4: Do not necro dead threads. A thread is considered dead when it has not had a reply for more than 14 days. The exception to this rule is if you're posting an update to the original post.

#5: If something is NSFW, CLEARLY MARK IT AS SUCH. There is no such thing as too much warning. If something is excessively NSFW, ask a mod before posting.

#6: Threads with the "DEBATE" tag will be held to stricter standards of conduct than normal threads. If you can't debate like a grownup, take your ball and go home. (Hell Fury will be adding the specific rules shortly)

#7: The Moderators Are Not Your Personal Army. Threatening to report someone / involve the mods in some way will bring our wrath upon you. We are spiteful beings. If someone is breaking the rules, just use the report button; the report system is VASTLY improved over the old forums.

#8: Game / list threads are allowed now; however, games that revolve around post counts / who posts next / last / etc are forbidden. "The last person to post wins!", "The person below me is ___", etc are examples of bad games.

#9: Rape jokes can act as a trauma trigger for individuals sensitive to the matter. Rape jokes are allowed but must be placed within spoiler tags and a warning must be given because a user cannot know if spoiler tags are blocking a rape joke or a spoiler without a content warning. Below is an example of correct usage of the spoiler tag for a rape joke (minus the rape joke). [rule added by Hell Fury]

Warning: Rape joke ahead.

The above spoiler tags can be created using the following code:
Warning: Rape joke ahead.
Contacting a Mod / Ban Appeals

If you feel that you've been banned unfairly or as a result of a misunderstanding, you're welcome to appeal your ban via e-mail (making a second account is not the answer). If you're appealing a ban, please be sure to include your username and a link to the post / thread that you were banned for.

If you have any other questions and for whatever reason you can't PM a mod, e-mail is your friend.

Our emails are:

- Hell Fury: CtrlAltDelTWH@gmail.com
- Golden Helmet: CtrlAltDelTML@gmail.com
- Angelsea: CtrlAltDelAngelsea@gmail.com
- PixelOrange: ThePixelOrange@gmail.com

Necroproof Threads:

List coming when I'm not in a hurry to get out the door :P
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#13566 The Insane hangout thread [Everyone welcome]

Posted by Evinta on 28 December 2012 - 10:47 AM

Well since more than myself have aspergers and others have crazy conditions i figured we should have a thread :)

We can use this hangout/thread/dungeon/monkey house to discuss things and not only that but to teach others about our condition and most of all to support each other.

Shall we begin?

For those who don't know what Aspergers Syndrome is i suggest a quick read of this.
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#101978 I don't have a TV

Posted by Belhamel on 13 March 2014 - 08:10 AM

I'm not trying to be hipster. I didn't watch TV for almost ten years, apart from the occasional cycling Sunday with my family. This piece of electronics is simply outdated for me.


Most american shows are delayed for over a year in Europe, often releasing out of sync. Just downloading them is far easier and in a legal vacuum until they're licensed (which doesn't always happen). Even for licensed shows, buying the DVD box set or watching netflix is often 6 months earlier than any cable canal.


Next comes the dating a machine. I stopped doing that after my WoW period. I will never, ever, date a machine again. I don't schedule my life around a show if I can schedule the show around my life through netflix or legally grey downloads.


Furthermore, youtube nowadays has a lot of very good channels and shows for all kinds of topics instead of the ones the cable company decides makes most money. I can watch StarCraft and Chess commentaries instead of boring soccer. I can watch Day9 instead of soap operas, my wife can stream her soap opera at any time of the day. CGPGrey and Vlogbrothers beat discovery channel on every topic. Youtube is chock full of extremely good content.


As for video game consoles: hdmi. I can just hook them up to my computer monitor.


Teletext, weather forecasts, news, ... all that can be got on my smartphone in a compact and better way.


That leaves around 50 euros a month not spent on cable.


So imho it's not "hipster" to not own a television set. The machine doesn't have a unique purpose anymore.

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#59691 NSFW The Official Funny Pics / Animated Gifs Thread

Posted by Flïppy on 19 July 2013 - 04:17 PM

Posted Image
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#6413 11-24-2012 - "Endings... and new beginnings"

Posted by Tim on 27 November 2012 - 05:03 AM

Oh yeah, it really touched people's lives. Definitely. They learned important life lessons about the proper way to level your shaman in WoW and not using cheat codes. Good to see that Lilah got to keep her dreams alive. You know, her being a professional gamer and all. Or maybe having a family and life of her own. Nope it's just a church with Ethan as Jesus for her.

Yup, because if I didn't show it to you in a comic panel, it clearly never happens.

Why is that I can show you a panel of Lucas, with a girl you've never seen before, and you can manage to piece together that A) he finally met a girl and settled down B) got married C) they had sex and D) she got pregnant and gave birth to their child... but I show you a panel of Lilah opening up a Church of Gaming in Ethan's memory and it's suddenly "WHELP, I GUESS THAT'S THE ONLY THING THAT HAPPENED IN HER LIFE, EVER."

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#105768 Stop the "like bot" invasion

Posted by Axeman on 07 April 2014 - 04:21 PM

Lately, bots have started to like some thread-opening posts, even from months back. Whatever evil plan that is, can we somehow stop it?

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#77367 The Ban Notification Thread, or "What happened to that guy?"

Posted by Golden Helmet on 31 October 2013 - 02:58 AM

Older members will remember "The Noose." This is the same basic concept, but with less meanness.


For you new guys, the idea here is simple. Whenever a member gets banned, there will be a post made here with the members name, a link to the offending post, and when they will be unbanned. When that persons ban expires, the post in here gets deleted.


This way, whenever someone gets sent away, you guys can just check here instead of wondering why X person was banned.


Just some general disclaimers:


 - Unlike the original Noose, the idea here is not to add one more layer to a persons punishment. This is not a "Wall of Shame." This thread is only here for informational purposes. Once your ban has expired, the post about your ban will be deleted.


 - Permanent bans will be displayed here for a bit longer, but they too will go away after a while.


 - If you notice that a persons account shows as banned, but the duration of the ban has passed, please let us know. The forum software is supposed to unban people automatically, but it acts funny sometimes and doesn't do it, so we don't always notice.


 - As always, if you feel you have been banned unjustly, you're welcome to email the mod who banned you and make your case. Our emails are in the stickied Rules thread.




If you have any questions or complaints, feel free to send me a PM.

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#104430 A question for my fellow CAD-ites...

Posted by Azz Attack on 29 March 2014 - 03:24 AM

So as you guys may remember, a while back there was an accent challenge going around the forums which I participated in. Well, I have to say that I enjoyed talking about the random crap that I talked about more than I realised, not to mention that I've started to narrate my games to whoever's around in my household (usually my dad or one of my siblings).


This is purely a hypothetical question, as I don't yet have the means to implement my idea, but do you guys (particularily those of you who listened to my accent challenge) think I would be able to pull off let's play videos and would watch them? I would probably find myself playing older games that I loved as a child (SNES, N64, PS, etc) with the occassinal newer game that I would be currently playing.


Once again, I doubt that I'd be able to produce anything anytime soon, but I figured I'd see if it's something people would be interested in seeing. Also, any info people would be willing to give me in terms of filming techniqes and required equipment would be welcome. :)




EDIT: Here's the link to the Accents of CAD thread where I posted my video for anyone who wants to hear my extremely Australian (bogan?) accent.

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#93165 Giving some stuff away

Posted by Thumb on 20 January 2014 - 10:11 PM

Who wants some free stuff?


My store currently sells customized controller cases and buttons for wireless Xbox 360 controllers. We are going to be discontinuing them and switching over to Xbox One and PS4 merchandise in the next 2-3 months.


For an example of what I am talking about you can check out:



So here's the deal. We have one of each type of controller available set up for display as well. Since the inventory is going out of stock the display models are going to get tossed since we can't sell them. Instead of just tossing them in the trash I would prefer to give them away to the folks here on the CAD Forums.  :)


There are a few catches!

- These are controller cases, not full controllers! So this means removing the existing case from your controller and putting the new case/buttons on it. (Super easy and there's a video on our site if you need help).

- Since these were display models the buttons and other internal parts have been hot glued and even melted to the case in order to hold together when people touched them. I've cracked a few open and found that many of the buttons and what not popped out just fine and can still function in an existing controller or even in the case they came out of. Here's what they look like on the inside all melted together:


- Everything comes AS IS! You can pirate whatever parts you want from what arrives to you and use it but please no complaining if it's not all usable. It was free!

You pay shipping! I Imagine within the U.S. it should not cost over $5. I have never shipped internationally and we will figure out how that works and what it will cost if you want something. I do have a Paypal account and I just don't want to lose money shipping stuff to people.

- I'm doing this because I like the awesome people here and would like to spread some smiles!

- If you ask for one now you may not get it for a few months. I can only remove the display model when the inventory is gone and I can't predict when that will happen. I'll keep in contact with you and let you know when that does happen and when it's shipped.

You can only get one case! Don't be a greedy bitch!

You need to have at least 30 posts and an avatar here to get one! I want only real CADites asking for this stuff!


Here is a list of the color combos I have available, if you want one just PM me which one. As they are claimed I will strike them off the list.


Chrome case/White Buttons

Chrome case/Black Buttons

Chrome case/Pink Buttons

Chrome case/Orange Buttons

Chrome case/Gold Buttons

Gold case/Purple Buttons

Gold case/Gold Buttons

Gold case/Gold Buttons

Green case/Yellow Buttons

Green case/Green Buttons

Black case/Black Buttons

Black case/Chrome Buttons - Bart_T

Black case/Pink Buttons

Black case/Orange Buttons

Black case/Yellow Buttons

Black case/White Buttons

Purple case/White Buttons - Kris

Purple case/Black Buttons

Purple case/Pink Buttons

Purple case/Gold Buttons

Pink case/Purple Buttons

Pink case/White Buttons

Orange case/Blue Buttons

Orange case/Black Buttons

Orange case/White Buttons

Baby Blue case/Baby Blue Buttons

Baby Blue case/White Buttons

Baby Blue case/Blue Buttons

White case/Blue Buttons

White case/Pink Buttons

White case/Purple Buttons

White case/White Buttons

White case/Red Buttons

Blue case/Orange Buttons

Blue case/Baby Blue Buttons

Blue case/Green Buttons

Yellow case/Black Buttons

Yellow case/Baby Blue Buttons

Yellow case/White Buttons

Red case/Black Buttons - PixelOrange

Red case/White Buttons

Red case/Yellow Buttons

Red case/Chrome Buttons

Red case/Gold Buttons


If you want one please PM me and don't post on the thread. If you have questions or comments just post here. Thanks!

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#88464 NSFW The Official Funny Pics / Animated Gifs Thread

Posted by VirlomiEntreri on 29 December 2013 - 07:13 PM

Possibly triggerable, so... into the spoiler it goes.




Edit: 90% sure this is now my most upvoted post ever.



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#54753 NSFW The Official Funny Pics / Animated Gifs Thread

Posted by NanoScream on 27 June 2013 - 02:44 AM

Posted Image

How GH got started.
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#318 NSFW The Official Funny Pics / Animated Gifs Thread

Posted by Golden Helmet on 08 November 2012 - 02:49 PM

Basic rules (other mods will surely be adding more):

- Nothing involving forum members (you goddamn creepers)
- Don't double-post.
- Keep things relatively PG-13. I know this thread is NSFW, but people still view it at work anyways.
- Every post must contain a funny / cool image. Text-only replies and failed hotlinks will be deleted and your family will be ashamed of you.

I'd kick it off, but I'm lazy so I'll leave this one to you guys :P
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#31420 Banning and stuff?

Posted by witsd 7.3 on 05 March 2013 - 10:12 PM

My stupid ex got me banned because he had multiple accounts and I'm guessing I got banned too since we lived together so for whatever reason my account was lumped in with his others.

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#24150 We have a spy!

Posted by Google on 07 February 2013 - 03:48 PM

Geez, guys chill your pills. It's just a robot crawling the forums. Not like it has somehow managed to achieve sentience or anything.
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#23174 Remains of Richard III found under parking lot

Posted by Penguin on 05 February 2013 - 05:36 AM

It's things like this which remind me how stupid it is that in this day and age Australia is still a constitutional monarchy.

I can accept that any humans remains may deserve respect but none more or less so than any other. The only requirement for being privileged with the title of king is being born to the correct parents. It requires no skill and it certainly is no feat of human nobility.

It really hurts my brain to think that people are specially dressing and escorting a pile of inanimate matter to avoid offending the memory of a dead king. He lived with the most wealth and privilege that anyone could ever have hoped to in his time and for no reason more significant or meaningful than tripping into a pile of money and he is still being revered as though he were some kind of divine saint.

His life represents one of the greatest social inequalities to ever exist which continues to endure today. His life of absolute privilege is an insult to every person which has ever worked a day in their lives to better and advance themselves in their community.

While today that is arguably the case (though there are no small amount of responsibilities and training that goes into being a monarch), a monarch was once an absolute ruler and wasn't just some guy who had lots of money. It's demonstrably untrue that all that was required was the "correct parents". If that was the case then the history of the English monarchy would be rather different.

I would suggest that before you go off on a rant about a fairly well known historical figure (especially one as interesting as Richard III) you do some research. Richard III was never even meant to be King, so he certainly didn't trip into anything. We're also talking about a time when Kings actually fought in the wars that the land became embroiled in. Indeed, it was his death at the Battle of Bosworth Field that ended the infamous War of the Roses. He didn't just sit on a throne and rake in a ton of cash while peasants starved. Back then, a person in such a position could make a huge, positive impact on a country just as much as they could cause great pain. Despite the Tudor propaganda, there's quite a bit of evidence that suggests that Richard may have actually been a just ruler and a man of the people.

Frankly, I find it very odd that you're using a historical king to discuss modern inequalities. It's an anachronism of the highest order.

Not only that, but:

People didn't even like this guy, and his 500 year old corpse is being treated like that.

It's almost enough to make me sick thinking about it.

How entrenched in the most hollow and thoughtless ritualistic ceremony people are to honour the life of a tyrant in such ways. It really is sick.

Bloody hell. I don't expect you to know the history of a country you don't live in, but the article even explains why calling him a "tyrant" isn't particularly accurate. Richard III was the last monarch of the Plantagenet dynasty, and the Tudors were extremely keen to cast him in a bad light in an attempt to further legitimise their control of England. So much of what we know about Richard III is saturated by Tudor propaganda, and people have dedicated a significant amount of study to finding out the facts about his reign.

It is history that is being honoured, an important part of England's past and culture. And the hope is that this will inspire more study into his life, because just writing someone off as a tyrant because his enemies, the people who caused his death, said he was, isn't particularly objective.

To call this "sick" is absolutely ridiculous. I find your venom towards something you know so little about a lot more disturbing than preserving and studying an important aspect of a nation's history.
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#69360 NSFW The Official Funny Pics / Animated Gifs Thread

Posted by rfpt on 15 September 2013 - 12:31 PM

Not really funny, but still a worthwhile read

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#103045 Crackers

Posted by VirlomiEntreri on 21 March 2014 - 02:35 AM

Why do crackers soak up soup so much faster when it's hot?!

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